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Payment Processing in St. Charles, IL

Payment processing is a crucial task for B2B and B2C businesses as it must be accurate and secure.  Effective payment processing will help you manage your cashflow, protect customer information, and grow your business.  To handle your payment processing, you should work with a professional that can provide your business with a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

First MCS can help B2B and B2C businesses with payment processing in St. Charles, IL as well as nationwide.  We understand the importance of your payment processing needs, especially when it comes to managing your payment processing from your store.  With the use of our payment processing POS systems, we can ensure your payments are being received safely and securely, with the most reliable and technologically advanced systems.

With a First MCS payment processing solution, you can not only authorize your electronic payments quickly, but also reduce the risks associated with accepting paper checks, as well as access real-time reports, improving the management of your electronic payments.

Safe and Secure Payment Processing

At First MCS, we offer a range of payment processing solutions that allow you to process payments quickly and securely in person as well as online and on mobile devices.  Our payment processing solutions can help with the following:

  • Credit card processing: We offer point-of-sale terminals as well as wireless and mobile payment processing solutions that allow you to safely and securely process credit card payments. Our solutions are PCI compliant and protect customer information while protecting you from fraudulent credit card payments.
  • Terminals: We provide a range of technologically advanced, POS terminals that can quickly process and authorize payments and give you access to real-time reports. We also provide virtual terminals to process online payments from any internet connected computer or device.
  • POS systems: We offer custom, POS system solutions that allow you to process all types of payments, manage cashflow and inventory, and access reports.
  • Wireless/ mobile systems: We provide wireless and mobile payment gateways that allow you to process payments wirelessly or with mobile devices so you can process payments anywhere.
  • Check processing: Our payment processing solutions can safely process paper checks while reducing the risk of bounced or fraudulent checks.
  • Invoicing: You can use our payment processing solutions to invoice customers via email and SMS and you can do direct B2B customer billing.

First MCS wants to be your first choice when it comes to your electronic processing, point-of-sale, and terminal needs.  To work with First MCS for payment services in St. Charles, IL and nationwide, give us a call at (866) 673-3099.

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