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Revel POS System in St. Charles, IL

All businesses need to utilize a point-of-sale (POS) system to handle basic functions like processing payments and checking inventory.  At First MCS, we can provide the Revel POS system in St. Charles, IL and nationwide for retail, restaurants, and other types of businesses.  The Revel POS system is an iPad POS system that is compatible with Apple products.

With a Revel POS system, you can improve your business simply by utilizing a point-of-sale software that is not only convenient, but compatible with your Apple iPad, allowing for the mobility, flexibility, and versatility that is essential to your business.  From employee scheduling to mobile ordering, to better managing your customer relationships, the Revel POS system is designed to be customized to your business’s needs, setting your business up for success.

Revel POS System Capabilities

The Revel POS system offers high quality support services and tools that are necessary to run your business.  You can expect the following capabilities from the Revel system:

POS and Management Solutions

  • Point of sale: The Revel POS system is a complete point of sale system in which you can process payments, manage inventory, track deliveries, manage cashflow, and more.
  • Delivery management: You can track, accept, and manage orders through the Revel POS system.
  • Open API: The Revel POS system can be integrated with other systems you use for business management.
  • Employee management: You can manage labor operations and administrative paperwork from a single connected device.
  • Kitchen management: Communication between the front and kitchen of a restaurant through the Revel POS system can help with kitchen management.
  • Enterprise management: If you operate multiple locations, you can use Revel POS to manage your business across locations from one place.
  • Table management: The Revel POS system includes restaurant management tools that allow you to manage a range of tasks from booking reservations to processing payments.
  • Cash management: The comprehensive permission settings of the Revel POS allow you to manage your cashflow and create reports.

Customer Experience

  • Online ordering: Online Ordering XT offers native online ordering and allows you to control the customer experience.
  • Delivery XT: Delivery XT helps manage deliveries and provide logistics information for drivers and allows customers to track their orders.
  • Self-service kiosk: Kiosk XT allows you to create a self-service checkout station within the Revel POS system with options for payments and branded messaging.
  • Drive thru: The Revel POS system can be used as a complete drive-thru solution including headsets and digital display boards.
  • Mobile orders: Revel’s Mobile Order Takers allow you to complete a transaction anywhere with a mobile device.
  • Loyalty programs: You can create and manage a loyalty program within the Revel POS that tracks orders from clients and customers and includes special offers.
  • Customer relationship management: The Revel POS can be used to capture and access customer information that can help you build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Payment Processing

The Revel POS system can come with the following hardware:

  • Revel Advantage: Revel Advantage is the main payment processing solution integrated into the POS system.
  • Revel SmartPay: Revel SmartPay allows for contactless, mobile payments.
  • Gift cards: You can set up and process gift cards easily within the Revel POS.
  • Security: The Revel POS is PCI compliant and will protect customer information.
  • iPads in a variety of sizes and models
  • iPad stands
  • Payment devices (card readers)
  • Receipt printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Cash drawers
  • Scales

The Revel POS system is an excellent, iPad-based solution for restaurants, cafés, and retail.  First MCS can help customize and implement the Revel POS in St. Charles, IL to best suit the needs of your business.  You can learn more about the Revel POS system by calling First MCS at (866) 673-3099.

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